• Class: AAATarget Size: 60mm × 60mmWorking Distance: 300mmSpectral Range: 350nm - 1400nmLamp: 300WAvailable AM Filtering: AM1.5G, AM1.5D (AM0 not available)Power Supply 601-300 included

  • Working Distance: 25 cmTarget Size: 12.5 mm DiameterIntensity : Up to 4 suns with AM1.5G filter installed Size of homogenizer: 2.2” Diameter Length of light guide: 4 feetIntensity Adjustability: 5 increments with optional computer controlled filter wheel allowing attenuation in steps of roughly 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 of power level

  • Sciencetech is proud to offer our new line of Ultra-High Efficiency solar simulators. By utilizing a completely new design for the beam homogenizer, the UHE systems are capable of far more efficiency and power unit than previously possible. All this without sacrificing temporal stability, spatial uniformity, or spectral matching.

  • Sciencetech is proud to offer Low Cost Solar Simulator Systems, based on small area lenses. Sciencetech offers two lines (SF and SLB) of solar simulators that produce 1 Sun (AM1.5G) and class A, B or C uniformity over 1" and 2" diameters, depending the selected model.

  • Class: AAATarget Size: 100mm x 100 mmWorking Distance: 300mm 300W Lamp IncludedIntegrated touch screen control unitRS232 interface and software for remote operation includedIncludes air mass filter AM1.5G (160-8023) and computer-controlled shutter.

  • Photovoltaic devices are so called since they rely upon the photovoltaic effect that was first discovered by a French experimental physicist, Edmund Becquerel, in 1839 to generate a current/voltage upon exposure to light. However, the history of practical PV devices did not begin until 1954 when Bell Laboratory first demonstrated a silicon solar cell with...

  • Sciencetech manufactures four high power versions of Class AAA fully reflective solar simulators. Sciencetech’s proprietary fully reflective design uses metal coated mirrors and passes the whole spectrum, no compromise. This is a distinct advantage over refractive based systems that are limited by the properties of the transparent material used

  • Simplifique la resolución de problemas complejos de variadores de motores eléctricos gracias a configuraciones de prueba guiadas y mediciones de variadores automatizadas que ofrecen resultados fiables y repetibles.

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