• A scope with a color waveform display. A DMM for basic measurements. A data logger to record DMM readings to a PC. All three capabilities are in one instrument — the U1600 Series of handheld digital oscilloscopes. Designed to address the portability needs of various installation and maintenance applications, these scopes enable clear waveform viewing,...

  • Accidentally hitting a utility line during a project can lead to costly repairs and create hazardous public safety situations. Digging in the wrong place can also lead to unnecessary delays and costs for your project, and ultimately, your company. Avoid this disruption with the rugged and durable Amprobe UAT-600 Series, designed to accurately pinpoint...

  • Características principalesEntre las principales funciones de comprobación de las válvulas se incluyen: comprobación de firma de válvula preconfigurada, comprobación de velocidad, comprobación de paso, pruebas manuales y pruebas de impacto/recorrido parcial Entre las principales funciones del calibrador de lazo se incluyen: fuente de mA, simulación de...

  • Class: AAATarget Size: 60mm × 60mmWorking Distance: 300mmSpectral Range: 350nm - 1400nmLamp: 300WAvailable AM Filtering: AM1.5G, AM1.5D (AM0 not available)Power Supply 601-300 included

  • Working Distance: 25 cmTarget Size: 12.5 mm DiameterIntensity : Up to 4 suns with AM1.5G filter installed Size of homogenizer: 2.2” Diameter Length of light guide: 4 feetIntensity Adjustability: 5 increments with optional computer controlled filter wheel allowing attenuation in steps of roughly 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 of power level

  • Sciencetech is proud to offer our new line of Ultra-High Efficiency solar simulators. By utilizing a completely new design for the beam homogenizer, the UHE systems are capable of far more efficiency and power unit than previously possible. All this without sacrificing temporal stability, spatial uniformity, or spectral matching.

  • Sciencetech is proud to offer Low Cost Solar Simulator Systems, based on small area lenses. Sciencetech offers two lines (SF and SLB) of solar simulators that produce 1 Sun (AM1.5G) and class A, B or C uniformity over 1" and 2" diameters, depending the selected model.

  • Class: AAATarget Size: 100mm x 100 mmWorking Distance: 300mm 300W Lamp IncludedIntegrated touch screen control unitRS232 interface and software for remote operation includedIncludes air mass filter AM1.5G (160-8023) and computer-controlled shutter.

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